Sustaining innovation in telehealth and telecare. Öffentlichkeit Deposited

Place of publication
  • London
  • DH
  • The King's Fund
Publication date
  • 2010
  • 35p.
  • This paper, the first in a series of WSDAN briefing papers, looks at how telehealth and telecare innovations are being used in health and social care. It considers the range of innovative approaches that have been developed, giving some practical examples. It identifies some of the key challenges to the adoption of technology-based approaches to care, and suggests some strategies to overcome these challenges, so that telehealth and telecare innovations may be sustained. The 'References' and 'Resources' sections at the end of the paper provide useful links to key documentation, innovations and evidence.
  • WSD Action Network has been commissioned by the Whole System Demonstrator Programme at the Department of Health and through the Department of Health's Policy Research Programme. The Network is hosted by The King's Fund and DH Care Networks on behalf of the Department of Health.
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