Great to be grey : how can the NHS recruit and retain more older staff? Public Deposited

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  • London
  • King's Fund
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  • 2002
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  • This research summary examines a key aspect of NHS staffing: that of the loss of experience from health services as older staff, who are valuable and much needed, leave early in ever-increasing numbers. With a workforce where about 150,000 of the one million employed are aged 50 or over, and therefore eligible for early retirement, there is an urgent need for a more sensitive and imaginative approach to encouraging older staff not to leave work earlier than planned, and to recruit older people to health service posts. This research paper outlines what form this approach might take. It examines: the numbers of older staff leaving the NHS early; the reasons why they are leaving; what can be learned from other sectors regarding the recruitment and retention of older people; current government policy; and how investment in human resources can support these new government initiatives.
  • Pagination: viii, 43p.
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