Cost-effectiveness thresholds : economic and ethical issues Public Deposited

  • 1899040579
  • Pritchard, Clive
  • Devlin, Nancy
  • Towse, Adrian
Place of publication
  • London
  • King's Fund ; OHE
Publication date
  • 2002
  • 140
  • Organisations such as the National Institute of Clinical Excellence seek to assess the value for money of new health care technologies. Assessment commonly requires the use of thresholds or benchmark levels of cost effectiveness. Key issues that consequently need to be resolved include: the basis on which thresholds should be determined, how explicitly these should be stated and whether UK health care thresholds should be comparable to those elsewhere in the public sector, or in other countries. Based on a seminar jointly hosted by the Office of Health Economics and the King's Fund in March 2002, this book follows the discussion between those working for N.I.C.E., the King's Fund, the Office of Health Economics, the Department of Health and eminent academic economists. It looks at the use of thresholds, how thresholds are used elsewhere, ethical issues regarding a cost-effectiveness threshold, public involvement and the next steps required for more sophisticated decision making processes.
  • Pagination: 140p.
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