A break for carers? : an analysis of local authority plans to use the Carers Special Grant Public Deposited

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  • London
  • King's Fund
Publication date
  • 2000
  • 25
  • The King's Fund has analysed 142 local authority plans to use the Carers Special Grant to gain insight into implementation of national policy on carers. For the first time, Government ring-fenced funding to enable carers to take a break from caring as part of its overall strategy to support carers, 'Caring about Carers'. Local authorities were expected to show at least 75 per cent of the grant in the first year, totalling £140 million over three years, was to be spent on additional services providing a break. The picture emerges of some interesting examples of work to improve the range and flexibility of services offering a break but overall it is very patchy. There are worrying signs of a policy implementation gap in the first year where a large proportion of the grant is not finding services which directly offer carers a break. This will be a matter of great concern to carers and carers organisations who have indicated that the top priority is to provide a break from caring responsibilities.
  • Pagination: 25p.; This publication is free of charge. Contact Penny Banks (ext 2682) for copies.
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