The politics of NHS reform 1988-97 : metaphor or reality? Público Deposited

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  • London
  • King's Fund
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  • 2000
  • 78
  • This book is based on interviews with the four politicians who served as secretary of state for health between 1988 and 1997; Kenneth Clarke, William Waldegrave, Stephen Dorrell and Virginia Bottomley, and offers insights into the events of this period. The author explores the world in which the health secretaries worked, the people and groups they interacted with and how they confronted the issues facing them. The book also investigates the process by which policy ideas develop and are implemented, and the roles played by various participants in this process. The book is in four sections: a chronology of policy evolution between 1988 and 1997; a discussion of the important policy themes of that period; perceptions of the individuals and organisations who were influential at that time; and an analysis of the information collected and the lessons it holds for students of health policy.
  • Pagination: xii, 78p.
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