Primary care group standards Öffentlichkeit Deposited

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  • Pilot edition
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  • London
  • King's Fund ; Health Quality Service
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  • 1999
  • 28
  • The King's Fund Primary Care Programme and the Health Quality Service have collaborated on a project to define standards of good practice for primary care groups in England. The purpose of the standards is to define good practice from inception and to guide primary care groups in developing as effective organisations. In doing this, they provide a developmental framework, rather than a performance management tool. During the spring and summer of 1999 these standards will be put to the test in 15 different settings as 15 health authorities and boards and their primary care groups work with the Health Quality Service on a project to implement these standards as part of a quality improvement programme. Following the project, the standards will be revised and published as part of a widely available programme for the NHS. Further work is being carried out by the Health Quality Service to establish relevant standards for the other countries of the United Kingdom.
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