A new era for community care? : what people want from health, housing and social care services Public Deposited

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  • King's Fund
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  • 1999
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  • This report has been prepared to inform the development of the Government's proposed 'Long Term Care Charter'. The findings are based on an analysis of focus group discussions held in three different parts of the country involving service users, carers and front-line staff with experiences of health, housing and social care services. The findings were that people with long term illness or disability wanted to be able to lead an 'ordinary life'. They were concerned about obtaining appropriate services when needed and having ways of coordinating services to ensure ease of access and continuity of care. Information was seen as the key to the provision of good services and the way people with disabilities are treated can make the difference between feeling respected or rejected as an equal citizen. People talked about how they used their own money to meet costs associated with disability, how they were affected by current expenditure constraints and how they felt about the way public money was being distributed. There was a cynical attitude towards charters. The report concludes that action is needed to improve service performance and a new charter will make a valuable contribution. However, in view of the evidence in this report, it would be wise to see the new charter as only one of a series of measures required to improve health, housing and social care services.
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