Personal medical services pilots in London : rewriting the Red Book Public Deposited

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  • London
  • King's Fund
Publication date
  • 1999
  • 48
  • King's Fund primary care series
  • The NHS (Primary Care) Act 1997 made possible local contracts for general practice services and spawned Personal Medical Services (PMS) pilots. These are intended to make primary care services more sensitive to local needs and are therefore particularly useful in London where long-term infrastructural problems have proved intractable. The King's Fund and the NPCRDC are collaborating on a national project to support and evaluate PMS pilots. This publication details the early findings of this project. Their conclusions are: health authority capacity to support PMS pilots is limited and proposals for the second wave should tackle identified priorities; more clarity is required about the commissioning relationship between pilots, health authorities and primary care groups (PCGs) to avoid potential conflicts of interest; new pilots need to be able to call upon the PCG for practical support; new opportunities for salaried GPs and nurse leaders are attractive to potential recruits; and PMS pilots have provided a learning experience for health authorities in commissioning primary care which will be crucial in a world dominated by primary care trusts.
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