Intermediate care : approaches to evaluation Public Deposited

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  • King's Fund
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  • 1998
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  • Intermediate care series
  • This report is the third in a series of papers. It focuses on the evaluation of intermediate care services. Previous work has dealt with a conceptual framework to clarify understanding of intermediate care, and with issues of implementation. In the last year, interest in intermediate care has made an exponential leap; however, in many cases, implementation has taken place without pre-testing or with an absence of hard evidence that the new service will work. This report is the product of an invited seminar convened by the King's Fund to discuss strategies for evaluation of intermediate care and to compare participants' experience with different approaches, evaluation designs and measures. The report raises and discusses general comments about evaluation, and particular issues about evaluation of intermediate care per se. It then tackles the specifics of process, implementation, outcome and economic evaluation. A discussion follows, of how and when to bring these forms of evaluation together, to create a coherent picture. Finally, a series of appendices are presented, including an annotated inventory of pre-validated assessment tools, a glossary of terms, recommended reading, and a list of those attending the seminar.
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