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Tragic choices in health care : the case of Child B

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  • 1857172035
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  • London
  • King's Fund
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  • 1998
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  • This book tells the story of Jaymee Bowen (Child B) whose case has come to epitomise the dilemmas involved in making tragic choices in health care. It shows that the story was complex and not simply an example of health care rationing. While media reports at the time emphasised the difficulty facing the NHS in deciding whether to fund high cost treatment of unproved effectiveness, for many involved, the central issue was less to do with availability of finance than what care was appropriate for a child with Jaymee's medical history. Clinical opinions were divided, and the health authority was faced with the challenge of managing this dissent and of coping with a father unwilling to accept the advice of doctors responsible for his daughter's care. The case was also played out in the public eye. Ethical dilemmas concerning autonomy of individuals, community interests and the concern of clinicians to do more good than harm underpinned all these issues. Fundamental questions about the rights of children and their ability to give consent for treatment were also raised. On the basis of an analysis of these issues from the perspective of those most closely involved, the book draws out the implications for patients, doctors, managers and others, and makes a series of recommendations on how cases of this kind might be handled in the future.
  • Pagination: xviii, 100p.
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