Profile of second wave Total Purchasing Pilots : lessons learned from the first wave Öffentlichkeit Deposited

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  • King's Fund
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  • 1998
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  • National Evaluation of Total Purchasing Pilot Projects working paper
  • The aim of this working paper is to present a profile of the thirty-five second wave Total Purchasing Pilots (TPPs) in England and Scotland as part of the national evaluation of TPPs. Its objectives are: to describe the basic characteristics of the second wave TPPs, particularly highlighting similarities and differences between first and second wave projects; to report the experience of the second wave TPPs in setting up their projects; to document and analyse the purchasing intentions of the second wave TPPs and compare them with the purchasing intentions of the first wave, and to comment on the position and prospects of the second wave TPPs in the light of the progress of the first wave TPPs in their first live year of purchasing (1996/97), the factors which appear to be associated with more and less successful first wave TPPs, and the implications for the implementation of the white paper: 'The new NHS: modern and dependable', especially the creation of primary care groups (PCGs).
  • Pagination: iv, 67p.
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