Health authorities : organisational standards Public Deposited

  • 1857171217
  • 2nd edition
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  • London
  • King's Fund
Publication date
  • 1996
  • 74
  • This manual has been produced to meet the demand for the development of standards and a peer review process for commissioning organisations. It provides an organisation with the means to question practice and to stimulate development work. It has been introduced at a time when health authorities and family health services authorities are merging and when the primary care-led NHS is adapting to new ways of working and thinking. Through these standards it is possible for organisations, whether new or existing, to prepare for the future. The manual describes the three stages of application of the standards: preparation, self-assessment and implementation; survey, and report. The development of the standards is described as well as the ongoing review of standards and criteria. Separate standards and criteria for primary care commissioners have been developed and are currently being evaluated.
  • Pagination: 74p.; Contents: Health strategy.- Effective partnerships and alliances.- Effective purchasing.- Support for primary care-led commissioning.- Performance management of primary care.- Practitioner services and support of primary care delivery.- Organisational fitness.- Required functions.- Relevant legislation, regulations and guidance.- Glossary.
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