COPC depression and anxiety intervention guide Public Deposited

  • 1857171241
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  • London
  • King's Fund
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  • 1997
  • 87
  • This guide has been written for members of primary health care teams (PHCTs) where the team has decided to run a community -oriented primary care (COPC) programme on depression or anxiety. It is designed to assist at the two stages of detailed problem assessment and intervention planning. As a result of using this guide, PHCTs should become aware of the range of proven primary care interventions for depression and anxiety, be able to select appropriate interventions for their situation, know where they can find out more about each intervention, and be able to develop a practical plan for implementation of a chosen intervention. The issues covered in the guide include why depression and anxiety are appropriate for COPC intervention, which interventions are relevant for the two conditions, the main sources of information on interventions for depression and anxiety, and the practical implementation of those interventions within a primary health care setting.
  • Pagination: viii, 87p.
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