Health and homelessness in London : a review Public Deposited

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  • London
  • King's Fund
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  • 1996
  • 152
  • The aims of this review were: to strengthen the knowledge base of the Grants Committee with an up-to-date survey of needs and activity in relation to the health needs of homeless people and their access to services in London; to develop an overview of funding resources available to support work on health and homelessness issues; and to clarify the Fund's strategic funding role, identifying priorities for future King's Fund grantmaking activity in relation to access to health services by homeless people. The review presents demographic information on homelessness in London during the last quarter of 1994, and describes the health status of homeless people in London. The experience of homeless people using the mainstream health service in London, and the specialist health services available to them are described, as well as the views of professionals and homeless people on mainstream and specialist health services. The review discusses the planned changes in the homelessness legislation, and ends by summarising its findings and presenting recommendations for policy and practice developments in health services for homeless people.
  • Pagination: xxii, 152p.; This paper and a separate executive summary was also published in January 1996 by the Centre for Housing Policy. One copy of the main report and of the executive summary are held in the publications archive.
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