Obtaining the views of health service users about quality of information Public Deposited

  • 1857170512
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  • London
  • King's Fund Centre
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  • 1993
  • 102
  • This publication is the sixth in a series aimed at helping health service staff to obtain the views of service users, and it is written for anyone who has been given this responsibility, whether nursing, medical, paramedical or managerial. The series presumes no social science background and offers a flexible approach which is very amenable to local adaption and interpretation. It looks at the range of information patients and other health service users need and, drawing on the fields of public relations, patient education, health education and doctor-patient communication, provides examples of good practice. The use of different media and the methodological issues involved in producing patient-centred information are examined. The book also looks at the process of getting feedback from users about the quality of information provided. A list of example questions to ask users is given.
  • Pagination: 102p.
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