Checklist health and race : a starting point for managers on improving services for black populations Public Deposited

  • 1857170423
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  • London
  • King's Fund Centre
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  • 1993
  • 39
  • This publication provides guidance for managers in regional and purchasing authorities and in provider units on how to improve NHS services provided to people from black populations. It should also be a basis on which community organisations and users' groups can evaluate race equality initiatives in local service provision. Managers at regional level should find the guidance useful in: reviewing and developing race equality initiatives within their own organisations; developing health strategies and investments in service development; reviewing and evaluating the performance of purchasers in implementing and developing race equality initiatives; producing guidance for purchasers on meeting the needs of black patients, to be implemented through their contracting procedures. Purchasing managers can use the guidance in: reviewing and developing race equality initiatives within their own organisation; developing processes to assess the health needs of local black populations; developing and negotiating contracts and agreements with specific race equality standards to ensure that services are available and accessible to black patients; monitoring contracts and contract compliance with race equality standards. Managers in provider units can use the guidance in: building race equality into strategic plans and local charters; developing and monitoring service provision to black patients.
  • Pagination: v, 39p.
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