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Doing different things in a different way : possibilities for the post-Tomlinson primary and community health services development programme for London

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  • London
  • K.E.H.F
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  • 1993
  • 13
  • The aim of this unpublished paper is to provide all Londoners with primary and community health services which both meet their needs for high quality health care and which - over time - can appropriately substitute for certain services currently provided in acute hospitals. If Sir Bernard Tomlinson's recommendations are broadly followed, and primary and community health services are to improve at the same time as London's acute hospital beds are reduced, any development programme for primary care must pursue three strategic objectives simultaneously. These strategic objectives are: 1) A remedial programme which should aim to make up the acknowledged deficit in general practice and community nursing in London and bring these services in line with national standards; 2) A service development programme to provide `non standard' services to groups for whom the traditional family-of-fixed-abode model of primary care is inappropriate; 3) A service development programme to provide an `expanded model' for primary care.
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