The King's Fund in Europe : a survey of King's Fund staff interest in European health and social care Public Deposited

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  • London
  • King's Fund Centre
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  • 1992
  • 27
  • In December 1991, the Information Resources department at the King's Fund Centre conducted a survey into the European health care interests of King's Fund staff. The aims of the survey were: to determine current interests and work patterns at the King's Fund in relation to Europe; to assess the need for more European material in the Centre Library. The results of the survey show that a high level of interest was shown across the Fund in health care in all regions of Europe. Particular interest was shown in the European Community. A limited amount of work was being conducted, primarily by Faculty and other research staff based at the Palace Court site. The work concentrated on aspects of health care in Central and Eastern Europe although some work was being done in other regions. The type of literature required by staff to fulfil their work and interest in European health care issues was diverse, with all types of European documentation of interest. Contacts of people and organisations were the most requested items. Respondents generally preferred English language material, although some interest was shown in foreign languages. The quality of the information provided was felt to be more important than its format.
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