Action learning : staff training based on evaluation of the services by the providers Public Deposited

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  • 1973
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  • In 1969 there was a demand for a study of the services for people with learning difficulties. A previous study was based on two factors fundamental to the work of R. W. Revan in training for management in different disciplines in many countries. One is based on his interpretation of the various learning theories, and the other on his conviction that those who are performing the task should be monitoring its effectiveness and who learn by doing. These ideas of action learning came under criticism, so a project had to be designed to assist those providing a service for people with learning difficulties, and thus give critics a further opportunity of examining another modification of action learning. In the search method employed two elements needed to be fulfilled: to impress those responsible for the services with the need to allow themselves and other staff to become involved in a systematic study of the services; and to allow standard survey research techniques to be modified to accommodate the involvement of the providers of the service. The project described offers a mixture of two strategies: staff training and development; research and evaluation.
  • Pagination: 24p.; Article prepared for European Training; THC reprint; no. 751
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