The need for asylum in society for the mentally ill or infirm : the third King's Fund Forum : consensus statement 公开 Deposited

  • Colville,
Place of publication
  • London
  • King's Fund Centre
Publication date
  • 1987
  • 10
  • The conference was asked to confine its attention to three groups of people who might need asylum: adults with persistent major mental health problems including those problems specific to age and dementia; those with mental health problems and behavioural problems; people with aggressive or challenging behaviour. Having listened to evidence from experts in public sessions, the panel of twelve discussed its report with the audience after closed sessions. The agreed consensus statement was then presented at a press conference. The four questions addressed were: who might need `asylum', why, and for how long; what happens if there is insufficient `asylum'; what types and levels of `asylum' should be provided; how should the quality of `asylum' and adequacy of provision be monitored. The definition of `asylum' given to the conference was: `A safe place of refuge or shelter, providing protection and support which may or may not involve total or partial withdrawal or removal from the rest of society. It may or may not involve treatment'.
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