`Primary health care : an agenda for discussion' : background papers, London Programme workshops Public Deposited

Place of publication
  • London
  • King's Fund Centre
Publication date
  • 1986
  • 24
  • The publication of "Primary health care: an agenda for discussion" was welcomed by the London Project Executive Committee of the King's Fund as an opportunity to contribute to the debate on the future of primary health care. In order to prepare a response which would contain practical recommendations for improving inner London primary care, it was decided to hold a series of six workshops reflecting some of the major themes in the Green Paper. This document contains the six background papers for these workshops. The six background papers were: 1) raising standards of inner city general practice: persuasion, pressure or payment?; 2) retirement at 70: an opportunity to transform inner city general practice; 3) getting the measure of primary health care: setting and monitoring standards; 4) health maintenance organisations: inspiration or illusion?; 5) consumers and primary care: beyond market research; 6) the management challenge: changing the pattern of primary health care.
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