Collaboration between health and personal social services Public Deposited

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  • London
  • King's Fund Centre
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  • 1973
  • 48
  • The concern of this report is to review some of the problems involved in the future collaboration between the health services and the personal social services after NHS reorganisation in 1974: in particular to highlight certain specific issues which seem to warrant more careful or detailed consideration. The problems of future collaboration are discussed within the framework of the proposed new NHS structure, ie Regional, Area and District levels. In each section selected issues of common concern are outlined and various viewpoints considered. Attention is primarily focused on problems of co-operation and co-ordination between the statutory health and personal social services. However, this is not meant to obscure the important role played by the voluntary health and welfare organisations, and attention is directed towards these at the end of the study. Note: this report is supplementary to a larger project.
  • Pagination: 48p.
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