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Menu planning and food tables

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  • London
  • King Edward's Hospital Fund for London
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  • 1945
  • 30
  • In 1943 the Fund published a memorandum on hospital diet. It aroused wide interest not only in hospital circles but elsewhere. The demand for copies and the large volume of correspondence that the memorandum produced gave clear indications that the subject was causing many people considerable anxiety. The need for further study of the many problems presented by hospital catering was clearly apparent. Accordingly the Distribution Committee of the Fund recommended the formation of a Committee on Hospital Diet to carry on the work of the subcommittee on whose investigations the original memorandum of July 1943 had been based. The Committee was appointed by His Royal Highness the President in October 1943 and during the sixteen months met regularly under the Chairmanship of Sir Jack Drummond. It soon became apparent that there was need of further memorandum on hospital diet which would suggest in greater detail the way in which a higher standard would be obtained. This second memorandum has been published and for the convenience of those engaged in the more practical work of menu planning and cooking, the section especially dealing with these subjects together with specimen recipes and tables of food values have been reprinted as a separate booklet in this document.
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