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The internal administration of hospitals : evidence submitted by King Edward's Hospital Fund for London to the Committee on Internal Administration of Hospitals appointed by the Central health Services Council

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  • London
  • King Edward's Hospital Fund for London
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  • 1951
  • 10
  • The evidence took the form of replies to a number of questions posed by the Committee. The text here printed is substantially as submitted, though in a few instances the wording has been edited to avoid misunderstanding. The questions posed were: 1) What principles whould govern the administrative organisation of a general hospital unit?; 2) to what extent should these principles be modified to take account of the circumstances of specialised hospitals...? 3) To what extent do these principles require modification to suit hospitals of varying sizes?; 4) To what extent is it desirable that responsibility should vest in the administrator of an individual hospital?; 5 & 6) to what extent should administrative duties be undertaken by medical staff or by nursing staff?; 7) To what extent should the individual hospital buy its own supples and how much should be left to the hospital group, or to more than one group acting jointly? The Fund was subsequently invited to submit further evidence in reply to the question: What general organisation is required at hospital level to effect the best methods of admission and bed utilisation?
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