Convalescence for mothers and babies : a report of an inquiry into the need for convalescent accommodation for mothers accompanied by babies or young children Public Deposited

Place of publication
  • London
  • King Edward's Hospital Fund for London
Publication date
  • 1954
  • 11
  • This small enquiry looked into the provision of convalescent accommodation for mothers with babies or young children as there appeared to insufficient accommodation available. Four conclusions to the enquiry were drawn: i) mothers recommended for convalescence after difficult confinements often insist on returning home; ii) there is no evidence that suitable convalescent accommodation is insufficient for the present number of applications, but it is probably limited; iii) there is a lack of suitable accommodation for babies and young children who need to be accompanied by their mothers; iv) the long delay in arranging admissions when Local Health Authorities contribute toward the payment of fees is a disturbing factor.
  • Pagination: 11p.
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