Teaching aids : assessment of needs in pupil nurse training schools : a survey for the Hospital Centre, King Edward's Hospital Fund for London by Heinemann Training Services Limited Public Deposited

Place of publication
  • London
  • King Edward's Hospital Fund for London
Publication date
  • 1968
  • 81
  • In recent years considerable advances have taken place in understanding the processes by which people learn, and this has lead to the development of new techniques in learning. The underlying purpose of this survey is: to discover areas of knowledge that cause nurses, especially pupil nurses, particular difficulty; to indicate how a carefully integrated combination of training techniques, based on a careful analysis of what has to be learned, can help make these difficult areas less daunting to the trainee nurse. the training systems proposed are not intended as final statements of what should be produced, but exploration has been carried far enough to provide a basis for the work recommended.
  • Pagination: 81p.
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