Health promotion in North America : implications for the UK : a report from a HEC/King's Fund Study Tour, October 1985 Public Deposited

  • Robbins, Christopher
Place of publication
  • London
  • Health Education Council/King Edward's Hospital Fund for London
Publication date
  • 1987
  • 154
  • The tour of North America on which this report is based gave health professionals from the UK an opportunity to study the ideas and practices of countries with different health care systems and an extensive experience of health promotion initiatives. The implications for this country contained in this book are impressive and will stimulate the growing debate on the role and directions of health promotion, particularly into areas such as health service planning, primary care, elderly people. community development and the media.
  • Pagination: 154p.; This publication is substantially the same as 'Evidence presented to the DHSS Committee of Inquiry into the future development of the public health function and community medicine' by the same authors, published in 1986.; Contents: Foreword.- Introduction.- Members of the study tour.- 1: A new health promotion.- 2: Health promotion in North America.- 3: The corporate planning approach to health promotion.- 4: Primary care in North America.- 5: Health education and health promotion for teenagers.- 6: Health promotion for older people.- 7: Community development approaches to health promotion.- 8: Populism in health promotion.- 9: The role of broadcast media in health promotion.- 10: Conclusions.- Appendix A: Health promotion : a discussion document on the concepts and principles (W.H.O.).- Appendix B: The Body, Mind and City Museum.- Appendix C: Health promotion in England, Wales and Northern Ireland : a state of the art.- Appendix D: Detailed summary of sample comprehensive projects for older people in the USA.- Appendix E: Organisations visited in North America.- References.
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